Taxes can be very stressful, regardless if it’s for personal income taxes or business taxes. Here at J. Thomas Black, we have people come to us that have gotten behind with their income taxes and even payroll taxes owed to the IRS. We find that people didn’t file taxes for one reason or another. In many cases, they are behind one or two years for various reasons. The problem is that they did not file for many years, afraid of what they might owe, or what the IRS might do to them.

There is no need to suffer through this anxiety. Our law office works with people constantly who have IRS tax problems, including people who have not filed returns. If your situation involves the IRS garnishing your paycheck or bank account, or is threatening to do so, it’s time to contact our office and let us show you the options you have in dealing with your IRS problems.

In some cases, it is possible to cancel or extinguish delinquent taxes in chapter 7 bankruptcy, or, perhaps, pay your taxes over time in chapter 13 while stopping the interest and penalties. If bankruptcy is not right for your case, there are other ways of dealing with the IRS that we can review with you during your free consultation. Contact our office today for your free evaluation at (888) 707-1233.

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