Many of us have faced the hardship of a job lost in our lives. It seems to be a fact of life these days that jobs don’t last forever. Many of the people who come to see us at the law office of J. Thomas Black have lost their jobs, or their companies have downsized, meaning their job no longer exists. This can put anyone in a difficult financial and emotional situation. Sometimes, the people we see have had their overtime cut, or their small business failed. Others have become disabled and can’t work. The money they get from Social Security just isn't cutting it for them to get by with their bills.

If you don’t have the money to pay your debts any longer because you’ve lost your job, or something similar, it's important to come in and consult with us. There is no reason for you to risk losing your property and everything you have worked for to your creditors if there is another way. Sometimes, by filing for bankruptcy and getting the financial pressure off of you, you finally have the money to pay for your living expenses. Call the office at (888) 707-1233 for your free case evaluation, or if you simply want more information, request one of our free publications.


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