When you or someone in your family gets sick, it can be overwhelming. If you have to add in a significant medical debt on top of that, you may feel like you have no idea where to turn. Many people who come to see us at our Houston law office come here to talk about medical debt. There was a recent study that found as many as two out of three bankruptcies are caused directly or indirectly by medical debt. This is a significant amount of bankruptcy cases.

Doctor, hospital, and other related bills are all debts that can be discharged in bankruptcy. Sometimes it's best to file chapter 7 if you qualify and cancel the medical bills out right. In other cases with clients who are still ill and may need a major operation or procedure in the future, we find it's best to file chapter 13 to stop the harassment. If you only qualify for a chapter 13 case, it may be possible in the future to convert it to chapter 7 and include additional medical debts that you have had to incur.

If you find yourself or someone in your family facing large medical or hospital bills that you cannot pay, contact our office today, and make an appointment with one of our Houston bankruptcy attorneys to discuss your situation and your options. We want what is best for you and are here to help you.

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