There are many different options these days to get a quick loan in a crisis. One of the ways is through payday loans.

Unfortunately, if you don’t follow through with your agreement, you may find yourself in a stress situation. Payday loans may make you feel like you are in quicksand and can’t get out. The interest rates for these types of loans can  be over 100 percent. We have many people come into our office with multiple loans at once and have no way of paying them off.

What most people don’t know is that payday loans can be dismissed or discharged in bankruptcy just like any other unsecured debt. In some parts of Texas, you can be prosecuted for giving a payday lender a bad check. This is not true in the Houston area. Prosecutors will not take bad check charges against you for payday loans.

So don’t let collection calls be intimidating you about your loans. We are here to help you. Come in the office today, and let us review your situation with you to see if chapter 7, chapter 13, or some other options would be best for you to deal with your payday loans and your other debts.

J Thomas Black
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Board Certified, Consumer Bankruptcy Law- Texas Board of Legal Specialization