In Texas, there are many different ways that your home can be foreclosed upon. Sadly, not only can your mortgage company take away your home, but your home equity lender (if you have one), your property tax authorities, and even your home owners’ association, if you don’t pay them, can force you out of your home.

One of the solutions is to file for chapter 7 which can temporarily stop the sale of your home. However, if you qualify, chapter 13 is more powerful and can permanently stop a foreclosure by any or all of these creditors. If you have steady, regular income and can still afford your home, we can prepare a plan for you to pay for your home over time at a level that you can afford.

Don’t wait to see if it will get better, it usually doesn't! Even if you are currently working on a loan modification with your mortgage company and believe you will be able to stop your foreclosure, come in and talk to our attorneys anyway. This way, you will have a backup plan if your other plans fall through. You may be able to use chapter 13 to save your home from foreclosure. Call and speak to a Houston Bankruptcy attorney in our office or request one of our publications for more information.

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Board Certified, Consumer Bankruptcy Law- Texas Board of Legal Specialization