In the midst of a financial crisis, many people look for help on the internet. They may find a debt consolidation company that seems legitimate and helpful. The person gives the company money to help them get out of the financial hole they are in and help them get back on their feet again. Unfortunately, those companies are often not faithful and end up just taking the money.

We find many people come to our firm to hire our lawyers to file for bankruptcy after spending thousands of dollars trying to settle their debts through some out-of-state company they found on the internet. Often we hear them tell us they wished they filed bankruptcy sooner. Yes, there are legitimate debt settling companies, but it is a buyer-beware market.

We have seen illegitimate companies go out of business or even file bankruptcy themselves because they were simply trying to get money from people. In the limited situation that a small number of our clients don’t qualify for bankruptcy or, for whatever reason, can’t file for bankruptcy, we may still be able to help by settling your debts. But it must be the right situation.

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Board Certified, Consumer Bankruptcy Law- Texas Board of Legal Specialization