I'm so glad that I did more research and found Mr. Black! We are having to file Chapter 7, and I went with a bigger name lawyer because of the name. I really felt like just a case number with them. The initial meeting was rushed with them and their front office staff very cold. But here at Mr. Black's office, I felt like a person and his receptionist was so friendly and greeted us with a smile. Bankruptcy is very stressful, very emotional, and very trying. I really needed someone to sit down with us and explain everything and answer all of my crazy questions! Mr. Black took his time with us at our meeting and I didn't feel rushed. He looked stuff up for us, printed helpful things out for us to take with us, it was very helpful! I have cancelled my contract with the big name lawyer and his associates and am hiring Mr. Black! I can't wait to get started and put our horrible past behind us! N.O., Baytown Texas July 2016