If you are seeking specific information about debt relief and bankruptcy in Texas, this is your one-stop shop. Scroll through our list of links and articles from around the Web and you may be able to find the answers you want—or, at least, deepen your understanding of federal bankruptcy law.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  • Market Assets for Sale - Distressed Assets to Buy or Sell by National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees

    This is a website set up by the National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees or NABT that may be of interest to you, if you are a bankruptcy trustee wanting to sell assets, or a buyer of distressed assets.

    This website offers or soon will be offering assets for sale from all types of distressed asset sales, including bankruptcy sales, receiverships, assignments for the benefit of creditors, bank-owned assets and asset forfeitures.

    You must create an account to gain access to the site, and there is a subscription fee if you are not an NABT member, but if buying or selling distressed assets is what you are interested in, this appears to be a website that you will want to mark as one of your favorites.

  • U.S. Dept of Justice: U.S. Trustee Information

    This is one of the websites for the U.S. Trustee's program, the "watchdog" over the entire bankruptcy system. They have some good information available, but to get specific advice about your situation, consult an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

  • U.S. Dept. of Justice: Means Testing in Bankruptcy Proceedings

    The Justice Department provides information about means testing—evaluating a person’s income and assets—which is used to determine eligibility for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

  • United States Courts: Liquidation Under the Bankruptcy Code

    The federal court system provides an overview of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, covering topics including alternatives, background, eligibility requirements, the legal process, and discharge of debts.

IRS Problems

  • IRS Tax Center to Assist Unemployed Taxpayers

    Have you lost your job, or are you transitioning between jobs? The Internal Revenue Service has online advice for handling your taxes in the event you become unemployed, so you do not go into debt.

  • IRS: The Taxpayer Advocate Service

    If you have problems with the I.R.S. that you cannot resolve through other parts of the agency, the Taxpayer Advocate's Office (TAO) may be able to help. They are "your voice at the I.R.S."

  • IRS: Main Website

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides consumers with "a ton" of information, forms and publications on their website. Use the search box to find what you need.

Free and Low Cost Help

  • Texas Supreme Court Approved Divorce Forms (Do It Yourself Divorce)

    On November 13, 2012, the Texas Supreme Court approved a set of forms for use in uncontested divorces that do not involve children or real property (an example of real property is a house that you and your spouse own). You don't have to use these forms, but they are available for use if you care to use them.

  • Toni King - Advice and Help about Medicare

    Toni King really knows her stuff about Medicare. If you make a mistake about signing up for Medicare, it can be disastrous. We have clients that have to file bankruptcy because of medical bills!

  • Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program

    Houston Volunteer Lawyers is a non-profit service of the Houston Bar Association.  HVLP provides free legal aid to low-income individuals by connecting them with lawyers in the private bar who volunteer their time.

  • South Texas College of Law Legal Clinics

    South Texas College of Law offers direct representation clinics for their students throughout the academic year.  Currently, STCL is accepting the following types of cases for the clinics: Uncontested Divorces – with or without children; Uncontested Probate Matters; Estate Planning. Potential clients must call or come in to conduct an initial intake.   

  • Lone Star Legal Aid

    LSLA is the fourth largest free legal aid provider in the United States. It serves approximately 60,000 square miles, one-third of the State of Texas, including 72 counties in the eastern and Gulf Coast regions of Texas, and also four counties of southwest Arkansas. In addition to our Houston headquarters, our staff works from 12 branch offices in Angleton, Beaumont, Belton, Bryan, Conroe, Galveston, Longview, Nacogdoches, Paris, Texarkana, Tyler, and Waco.

  • University of Houston Center for Consumer Law

    The Center for Consumer Law is the oldest and most successful program of its kind in the nation. Its mission is simple: to advance the rights of consumers and to help ensure a safe and efficient marketplace.