For many years, after I completed work on my clients' bankruptcy cases, I would give them instructions about how to go about "cleaning their credit" with the credit bureaus. This involves sending requests for "reinvestigation" so that the credit bureaus will correctly report the bankruptcy, and also so that each of the creditors that were included in the bankruptcy report the debt correctly, as 0 balance due (assuming the debt was discharged in bankruptcy), and "account included in bankruptcy."

This step alone, can increase your credit score by 25-150 points! (over what it would have been). Anyway, people who have gone through bankruptcy are often just too overwhelmed with other matters or just too busy to worry about cleaning up their credit. So they rarely followed my instructions on how to do it themselves.

Then, years later, I would receive anxious calls from former clients who were in a car dealership finance office, or worse, in the middle of a "closing" of purchasing a house, only to find out that some of the creditors that were discharged in the bankruptcy, are still reporting on their credit! They thought that I did something wrong, but what had happened is, they had not followed my advice to clean up their credit.

So, rather than have unhappy clients, our firm just started doing the "credit clean-up" process for our clients. And they are very happy and glad about it. About 30 days after their bankruptcy discharge, they receive new, corrected credit reports in the mail that still show the bankruptcy, and the debts that were discharged, but at least the debts are properly shown as zero balance due, discharged in bankruptcy.

But now, credit has become more and more important. Lenders and other companies use credit for all kinds of reasons, even to decide how much to charge you for insurance and utilities. It can make a big difference in your life, if you have excellent credit versus if you have lousy credit. So to even FURTHER help our clients, we have licensed the use of "7 Steps To A 720 Credit Score" by Phillip Tirone and

Phillip is an expert in helping people rebuild their credit. He is a former mortgage broker that worked with his clients on a daily basis to get their home loans approved. He knows many of the industry secrets, and he teaches it all to you in his 14 step educational course.

The course consists of 14 videos that are emailed to you weekly. The course costs $1000 on the 720 Credit Score website, but as a bankruptcy client of our firm, we are currently providing it to you for free. If we did not help you with a bankruptcy, call us for pricing. We can make it available to you, so long as we keep our association with

Don't delay. The longer you delay, the longer it will be before your credit is recovered. Also, this is a limited time offer. Our firm may or may not continue to provide this service in the future. Call our office today.

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Board Certified, Consumer Bankruptcy Law- Texas Board of Legal Specialization