Three Texas Cities With Awful Credit Scores

Posted on Sep 25, 2012

Credit reporting bureau Experian recently released its annual State of Credit report, and the results don't look too great for the state of Texas. The list ranked 143 American cities by credit score, and three Texas cities were in the bottom 10: El Paso, Corpus Christi, and Harlingen. Harlingen, Texas was the very last city on Experian's list.

Although these Texas cities were ranked so poorly, they actually performed better this year than last year. Harlingen's average credit score improved by 0.27 percent and Corpus Christi improved by 0.55 percent. Experian's director of public education, Rod Griffin, said, "Where we're seeing higher unemployment and lower income, we're also seeing poor credit scores. The South Texas area is struggling."

The average credit score this year is 749, which is an improvement over last year. With Americans taking on more personal debt than ever before, the improvement in credit scores is a sign that people are starting to make their payments on time again. It is a slow process, but people are optimistic that folks are learning to manage their debt.

Here are the bottom 10 cities on the list by average credit score:

10. Savannah, GA: 713

9. Memphis, TN: 711

8. Myrtle Beach, SC: 710

7. El Paso, TX: 710

6. Augusta, GA: 710

5. Monroe, LA: 709

4. Shreveport, LA: 708

3. Corpus Christi, TX: 706

2. Jackson, MS: 702

1. Harlingen, TX: 688

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