Posted on Oct 13, 2015

Owing a lot of money to the I.R.S. can be very scary! Many people hire professionals to help them work out an I.R.S.  settlement or payment plan of some kind. Only attorneys, C.P.A.'s and "enrolled agents" are authorized to represent people in front of the I.R.S.

Our firm helps people with I.R.S. collection problems. We can represent people in front of the I.R.S. and work out an Installment Agreement or payment plan, and we can also help clients seek an Offer in Compromise to settle taxes. If necessary we can also represent you in U.S. Tax Court and District Court, and we routinely represent many people against the I.R.S. in U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

To help people with I.R.S. problems, a professional must be able to access their clients' records quickly. We now have access to the I.R.S. Eservices Transcript Delivery System, through which we can access our client's tax accounts, including their wage and income information (W2's & 1099's), tax return transcripts, transcripts of account, and other documents. We must have a client's Form 2848 Power of Attorney or Form 8821 Tax Information Authorization on file with the I.R.S. to access their information.

Not only that, but we also use specialized software that helps us determine if income taxes are old enough to be discharged in bankruptcy. Some income taxes, if they are old enough (generally over 3 years old) and meet certain other requirements, can be discharged or cancelled in bankruptcy.

But you must have a professional such as Mr. Black with the knowledge and experience in these matters to first obtain the necessary I.R.S. records, know how to read them, and also know how to choose the correct software, how to run it, and what the results mean.

Mr. Black can advise you on the best way to solve your I.R.S. collection problems. For more information, get "I.R.S. Problems? 5 Ways to Get the I.R.S. Off Your Back!" available for instant download on this website, or pick up a copy at the law office, at no charge.

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