Posted on Dec 04, 2013

A large mortgage company or "servicer," acting for a German bank, was previously ordered by the Bankruptcy Court to pay our client money, as well as attorney fees to our firm, but failed to do so in a timely manner.

We filed a Motion for Contempt against the mortgage company, to ask the Bankruptcy Court to punish them for not complying with the previousl court orders and make them comply. Just before the scheduled hearing in front of the Bankruptcy Court, the mortgage company agreed to an Agreed Order to pay our client: $4,493.00 in property taxes paid by the mortgage company; $5,865.99 in refunds caused by the mortgage company's mistakes; and $1,500.00 as a sanction =$11,858.99.

The mortgage company also agreed to pay our law firm: $3,064.99 in attorney fees for original motion; $3,500.00 in attorney fees for motion for contempt; $5,000.00 in sanctions payments =$11,564.99. Grand total: $23,423.98.

We aggressively represent our clients in bankruptcy court. You really have to, or the creditors, banks and mortgage companies will take advantage of the people that are filing bankruptcy, overcharge them, charge them junk fees, fail to comply with court rules, and do other things.

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