Posted on Jan 28, 2016

We obtain detailed credit reports for all of our Houston, Texas area bankruptcy clients prior to filing their bankruptcy, to make sure all of their creditors are listed. This makes it much easier for us to successfully perform a "credit clean-up" for them after the bankruptcy is over, so the bankruptcy is accurately reported and all of their discharged debts reflect that there is 0 balance due.

But some of our clients tell us that they don't recognize some of the accounts on their credit reports, and that they have been the victim of identity theft otherwise known as ID theft.

If you have been the victim of ID theft, the Federal Trade Commission or FTC has started a new resource. Using it, you can not only report that you have been an ID theft victim, but you can get your own personal recovery plan for free. Watch the video below for more information.

If you have serious debt problems, even if some of it is the result of ID theft, and you live in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area, call our office anytime 24/7 to make an appointment for your free first visit or to request one of our publications.

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