Posted on Dec 20, 2013

Michael Busby Jr., a Houston family and bankruptcy lawyer has brought suit against fortune teller Melena Thorn on December 16, 2013, claiming that he gave her $2,700 in a box for cleansing, but she claims she never got the money. This case was filed as a class action in the 270th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas.

As reported by the ABA Journal, Busby also says he paid the psychic $30 for a tarot card reading and $500 for a ritual to reunite husband and wife. The money cleansing was supposedly part of a husband-wife reunification ritual, the suit says. The money was to be placed under the marital bed after its cleansing.

According to the ABA Journal, Thorn told Texas Lawyer that she never got $2,700 from Busby and she will return his $500 when she is able to get the money together. Among the claims in the lawsuit are fraud, breach of contract and violation of Texas consumer law. Busby is asking the District Court to grant $1 million in damages and an injunction to prevent Thorn from fortune telling.

Source: ABA Journal

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