Posted on Mar 19, 2014

The giant Jacoby & Meyers Bankruptcy LLP law firm, which had previously been in serious "hot water" in one of our Houston, Texas bankruptcy courts, had an involuntary bankruptcy petition filed against it last week, and has 21 days to respond to the bankruptcy petition., Inc. is reportedly one of its petitioning creditors, and it is owed about $1 million for prospect leads provided to the firm.

Jacoby & Meyers Bankruptcy was formed by a merger between two giants consumer law practices. Jacoby & Meyers LLC contributed its bankruptcy practice, and Macey Bankruptcy Law PC, which claimed to be the nation’s largest consumer bankruptcy firm with up to 40,000 clients per year, gave up its name. The Jacoby & Meyers law firm continues to operate.

If you are a client of the bankruptcy firm, apparently your file has been transferred to another attorney's office. If you hired the Houston branch of the firm, the Jacoby & Meyers Bankruptcy website indicates that your file has been transferred to Acosta Law Firm, telephone 713-980-9014.

Source: The Wall Street Journal Law Blog

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