I've been a practicing lawyer since 1982. For many, many years, I did like so many other bankruptcy lawyers do for their clients after a bankruptcy- little or nothing. I would tell people how to "clean up" their credit after bankruptcy, but I didn't know how many people actually did it. Turns out, not many!

I would occasionally get calls, sometimes anxious or even angry calls, from former clients who were trying to finance a house or car or truck, and couldn't get financing because some of the discharged debts still showed on their credit. I would tell them, "Hey! I told you that you needed to contact the credit bureaus!" but that didn't help, they were still unhappy.

So now, and for several years now, my law office does what we call a "credit clean-up" for you after your bankruptcy discharge. We send letters to the credit bureaus requesting that the "reinvestigate" each of your "tradelines" or creditors, to make sure that the accounts are being reported correctly.

Yes, it is more work for us. And some clients say, "I don't care, I never want credit again anyway." Well, that's easy to say, but companies use credit for all kinds of reasons now. Do you want to be denied electricity service at your house? Do you want to be charged twice as much for auto insurance?

Do you always want to pay 18% or 24% interest when you need to finance a vehicle? Do you want to be denied an apartment or rent house because your credit score is bad? No. You need good credit to live a successful life in today's world. And our firm can help you get it, even after a bankruptcy case.

J Thomas Black
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Board Certified, Consumer Bankruptcy Law- Texas Board of Legal Specialization