If you owe money to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, don't be surprised if you have a collection lawsuit filed against you. Over the years, I have had many of my clients sued by them. They are the only hospital that I can recall that actively sues for unpaid hospital bills. And if they are owed the money, that is their right.

But as pointed out in a recent article in The Houston Press, Memorial Hermann Health System is the largest nonprofit hospital in Houston, and is "expected to help those in the community without the means to pay for medical care, which exempts the hospital from paying most federal, state and local taxes."

The article goes on to say that there were 90 court cases filed since 1999 by the hospital for collection, but the writer was looking only at state district court filings. I reviewed the county civil court filings, and there were 373 filed in Harris County in 2012 alone by Memorial Hermann, and 170 just so far this year. Memorial Hermann sues a lot of people, and according to the article, the ones sued are "often those least able to pay."

If you have been sued by Memorial Hermann, and if you also have other debt problems, filing a bankruptcy may be the answer for you. If it is your only major debt and you can handle the others, come in and talk to us. It may be possible to settle or otherwise resolve the lawsuit without bankruptcy.


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