Bankruptcy Clients May Only Pay with "Debit" Cards - Friends or relatives of clients that do not intend to file bankruptcy may pay by "Credit" cards



Before You Make A 'Debit' Card Payment:

Before you make a payment, please read the Terms and Conditions below.

Minimum Payment Required: $50

Terms and Conditions


Debit card payments only. We can only accept debit card payments from clients. Most, if not all, debit cards contain the word "debit" on the face of the card.


CAUTION: Clients must NOT make a payment using a credit (as opposed to a debit) card. Use of a credit card by a client (as opposed to a debit card) to make payment on a bankruptcy filing may be fraudulent.


Payments on behalf of a client.  If you are NOT our client (and you don’t intend to file for bankruptcy) it is O.K. for you to make a payment to our law firm on behalf of a client using a regular credit (as opposed to a debit) card.    


The card must contain, on the face of the card, one of the following logos: Visa or Mastercard. Sorry, we cannot accept Discover or American Express.


Payments only for existing clients. This screen is only to be used for making payments by (or on behalf of) people who are already clients of our law firm. Making a payment on behalf of a person who is not a client of our law firm will not, by itself, create an attorney-client relationship.