Dear clients and prospective clients:

We have permanently closed our Houston Texas law office and are working remotely. We will no longer be accepting new clients. Our current clients can contact us through this website, via email or regular mail, by calling the office (there is a recording but we will return your call), and through the secure MyCase portal. If you don't yet have access to the portal, please just call or email the office. 

Bankruptcy meetings of creditors and court appearances are currently being done through telephone and video. If you have a meeting of creditors the call-in information should be on your notice of the meeting that is mailed to you by the court. We will also provide it to you by email and through the portal. The bankruptcy court access information is as follows:

Judge David Jones (H2)-The dial-in number is (832) 917-1510; Conference room number is 205691; Video:
Judge Marvin Isgur (H1)- Dial-in Telephone No.: (832) 917-1510; Conference Code No.: 954554; Video:
Judge Christopher Lopez (H4)-Dial-in Telephone No.: (832) 917-1510; Conference Room No.: 590153; Video:
Judge Eduardo Rodriguez (H3)- Dial-in Telephone number: (712) 775-8972; Conference Room Code: 999276; Video:
Judge Jeffrey Norman (H5)- conference call number is (712) 770-8095; Conference Room Code 159497; Video:

If you have a hearing, please call in a few minutes early from a quiet place and wait until your case is called. With some judges, you must press 5* to raise your hand for them to unmute you. Mr. Black will also be on the line and will address the court for you, but you may also have to answer questions asked by the court, Mr. Black, or another party.

Please stay safe during this difficult time. 


J Thomas Black
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Board Certified, Consumer Bankruptcy Law- Texas Board of Legal Specialization