J. Thomas Black gave a presentation entitled “Discharging and Reorganizing I.R.S. Taxes Through Bankruptcy” today at the largest independent accounting firm in Houston, Texas: Gainer, Donnelly & Desroches. Mr. Black conducted one of their “Lunch and Learn” continuing education events.

Many people, including many accountants, are not aware that income taxes can be discharged or canceled in bankruptcy, in some circumstances. Generally speaking, so long as the taxes are more than 3 years old, the tax returns on which they are based were filed more than 2 years before filing bankruptcy, and the taxes were “assessed” or determined to be due by the IRS, at least 240 days (about 8 months) before filing bankruptcy, then they can be discharged or forgiven through bankruptcy, so long as the taxpayer did not file a false or fraudulent tax return, and did not “willfully attempt to evade or defeat the tax.”

If you owe the IRS for past due or delinquent taxes, and live in the Houston, Texas area, call 713-772-8037 and make an appointment to meet with Mr. Black. There is no charge for the first visit. If you have significant delinquent IRS debt, with your permission Mr. Black will obtain your IRS records, to be sure what taxes may be discharged or canceled, if any. Mr. Black will also explain all your available options to you, including his “6 Ways To Deal With Delinquent I.R.S. Debt.”

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