It's frustrating when people call the office and ask "how much do you charge for a bankruptcy?" First of all, we don't know if they will even qualify to file bankruptcy, or if it's the best option for them.

Also, is it chapter 7 or 13? And, how complicated is it? Is there a business involved? It's kind of like calling a car dealership and asking "how much does a car cost?" It just depends.

Our law office charges attorney fees for the simplest Chapter 7 cases starting at $1000, plus costs including the filing fee which total $461 for a single person, $503 for a couple. This includes everything, including the court's filing fee, the required credit briefing and debtor education courses, all of your credit reports, and other costs.

A typical Chapter 7 case may be $1500 or more plus costs, depending upon the number of creditors, the amount of debt, whether or not there is a business involved, what motions or extra actions are going to be necessary during the case, and other factors.

You can pay our fees for Chapter 7 out over time, and just pay a small down payment for us to open a file for you. Once the entire fee is paid, we prepare the documents necessary to start your case, and you come into the office for a "signing" appointment, that generally takes about two hours.

Don't make the mistake of shopping for attorneys only on price. Filing a bankruptcy is a serious, federal legal proceeding. We do not recommend that you go to court with the "lowest bidder."

Attorneys are not all the same. Our firm's fees are very reasonable. If another firm quotes you fees that are much lower than ours, I wonder how much time if any you will spend with an attorney, or what is actually included in the fee. Bear in mind that if your bankruptcy case is mis-handled, you could lose property or even lose your right to a discharge in bankruptcy.

Our firm enjoys an excellent reputation, and we do a good job for our clients. We also perform a "credit clean-up" for you following the bankruptcy at no additional charge, that can help your credit reports recover more quickly. And we stick with you and answer any of your questions about your case, even years after the case is over.

Call our office at 713-772-8037 for a free first consultation, and once we consult with you, we will give you a written fee agreement with a firm fee quote.

J Thomas Black
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Board Certified, Consumer Bankruptcy Law- Texas Board of Legal Specialization