You will likely either need to pay the judgment, settle with them, or file a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. Each situation is different. Call our office 24/7 and make an appointment to discuss your case.

If they know where you bank and they have a turnover order, they can get your money. For that matter, they can walk right into your bank, give the banker a certified copy of the court order appointing them as receiver, and empty your bank accounts right then!

If you own a small business and you have a turnover order against you, a court receiver can come in and take over the cash register, collect the money from your customers as they buy your merchandise, and just collect the money until they've collected enough to pay the judgment (plus their commission, which could be another 25%!).

Here in Houston, one legal firm that does quite a few of these turnover receiverships is Jon Malone LTD. The lawyer is Jon Malone. If you have a judgment against you and one of these lawyers is the receiver, hire us or another law firm that specializes in debt relief and bankruptcy, and fast. These collection attorneys know how these turnover receiverships work, and they don't want to hear excuses.

If you qualify, it may be best for you to file a bankruptcy to stop a receiver from taking your property, or you may have other options. Just don't wait too long to come see us, or you may be too broke to even hire a lawyer to help you. 

To find out your options to get a turnover receivership stopped, call our office for an appointment with one of our attorneys 24/7 at 713-772-8037.

Or, for more information about it, do an instant download of our Special Report, "How To Deal with Texas Debt Collection Lawsuits! 7 Mistakes That Can Cost You a Lot," which is available on this website, or call us and we will put a copy of it in the mail to you.

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