If your home is foreclosed upon in the State of Texas, and a judge orders that you are evicted and must leave the home, a sheriff or constable will likely come and move you and your possessions out of the property. A judge gives the constable a "writ of possession" or court order to remove you and your stuff from the foreclosed property (or a rental unit if you were renting).

During the actual eviction, your personal possessions such as furniture, household goods, books, clothes, toiletries, etc. are all removed from the home or rental unit and stacked on the curb. They used to have moving companies come and remove and store the items, but apparently that is no longer profitable for the moving companies, as they have stopped doing it.

That's why it is important, if you see that you cannot stay in the property, to go ahead and remove your items following a foreclosure sale and put them in a friend's garage or in a storage unit or somewhere safe. Otherwise, they will likely just be stacked in a pile and are subject to being stolen or rained on and ruined.

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