Chapter 7 Cases. If you qualify to file chapter 7 bankruptcy, the bankruptcy court's filing fee for a chapter 7 is now $335.00. Additionally, there may be other costs and your attorney may charge you anywhere from $2000 or more depending upon the facts of your case. It's really not possible for our firm to quote you a fee until you come into the office and let us find out more about you and your property, your debts, and your income and expenses. You may not even qualify to file chapter 7.

Chapter 13 Cases. The filing fee for a chapter 13 bankruptcy is currently $310.00. Here in the Southern District of Texas, as to attorney fees we have a court-approved "fixed fee" of $4500 for consumer cases and $5600 if your case involves a business. Or your attorney may charge you based upon an hourly rate, it is between you and your attorney.

Assuming that you qualify for chapter 13, and there is a payroll deduction or "wage order" that deducts the required plan payments from your paycheck, we can usually start your chapter 13 case (that does not involve a business) for a small down payment and be paid the remaining fees through the chapter 13 plan.

Do you even need to file bankruptcy? Sometimes people consult with us, and we explain to them that in their situation, they don't need to file bankruptcy. Sometimes their debts are too old, or for other reason they simply don't have to file. We will be honest with you and tell you the truth; we don't want you to file bankruptcy unless it is really necessary. Call us at 713-772-8037 anytime for your free consultation, or to request one of our publications.

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Board Certified, Consumer Bankruptcy Law- Texas Board of Legal Specialization