You can, but if they foreclose anyway and you don't have anything in writing from them stating that the foreclosure sale will be stopped or postponed, you are probably just out of luck. 

In the recent court case of In re Theirry, a Houston, Texas woman alleged that an Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC rep lied to her and told her that they would not foreclose on her home, but then did it anyway. She lost her court case, and Ocwen counter-claimed for rent, damages and attorney fees. (trial date pending on counterclaim). In re Thierry, Case No. 17-03439, Bankr. S.D. Texas 2018.

If you qualify and there is no other good option, consider filing chapter 13 bankruptcy before the foreclosure to be sure the foreclosure sale is stopped. You can always apply for loss mitigation options such as a loan modification later. Because if the mortgage foreclosure occurs before you file bankruptcy, you are likely out of luck. There is no "right of redemption" of mortgage foreclosures in Texas, i.e. no right to get your house back.

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