A good place to start to figure out how to deal with overwhelming student loan debt is on the website of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

If you have student loan debt and you are in default, or just overwhelmed with the amount of it and how to deal with it, check out the new "Paying for College" tool on the website of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Particularly if you have federal loans, there are many repayment options; you don't have to feel that you are in a hopeless situation.

Our law office regularly has student loan borrowers come into our Houston-area law office that have let the situation get out of hand. Don't let that be you!

If you default on federal student loans, the Department of Education can put an "administrative wage garnishment" or AWG on your paycheck for 15% of your disposable pay. The DOE can also take your federal tax refunds to apply to your student loan debt. They can even sue you for the debt in federal court!

There is no need to let it get that far, at least if you have only federal loans. If it already has gotten out of hand, you can seek help on the CFPB website and try to figure out the best way forward for you. If that fails, call our office anytime at 713-772-8037 and make an appointment to come see us.

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