I couldn't help but laugh the other day, I actually got a call from Ocwen. I returned the call and the recording said "Good Morning and thank you for calling Ocwen! Where helping homeowners is what we do!(tm)"

Well, not to go off on a rant here, but that has not been my experience. My bankruptcy clients have had lots of difficulty dealing with Ocwen. I have had to bring an adversary proceeding or lawsuit in Bankruptcy Court for a couple of my clients recently against Ocwen. In my experience as a rule, it is very difficult to work with them or get information about loans from them. It also appears that they love to load the loans up with fees and charges. Of course as the servicer of the loan, they generally get to keep the late fees and other fees that they collect on a loan, in addition to the servicing fee.

But in this case, the service wasn't too bad. Of course the call center is in Mumbai, India, but the fellow that I connected with must have been a supervisor or something, as he was not difficult to understand. I had to go through a long verification process (so he could be sure that I was authorized to speak to him I guess, even though he called me!), but then the call was about just needing a letter from us so that a client could do a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure with Ocwen. You can be sure that we will scrutinize that document very closely.

Anyway, I understand Ocwen is buying up more mortgage servicers, so if you like Ocwen, you will be seeing a lot more loans being handled by them. It's too bad that people just can't deal with lender's representatives in their communities, by walking down the street and reviewing their loans with their local bankers or S&L officers, like in the old days. But those days have come and gone. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to call Mumbai.

If you have comments about Ocwen, positive or negative, or war stories of your experiences with them, by all means share them with us. We'd love to hear what you have to say.

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I had the same deal as I'm reading so many storys about ocwen/phh was my morgage company due to my wife's suicide I'm know a single parent trying to make things work raising 2 kids one with brain damage I've got behind before and made it up but this time I had to put in for a modification they told me what to send in so I did so then they told me they cannot except anymore payments cause I wanted to keep making them so I didnt get behind then everytime I talk to them they said I was missing this send it again same thing over and over then I have till 2/20/2020 to get paper work in they foreclosed on my house on2/18/2020 so here I'm homeless hope someone gets something done with this morgage company I'm in
by Del long March 24, 2020 at 04:48 PM
Cowen has been a nightmare. They traded my trusted and well trained PHH mortgage professionals with untrained foreign call center workers. It's not that they are foreign that is a problem for me. It's that they messed up my mortgage and give different answers everytime I call. My mortgage loan is owned by Frannie Mar. Yet, agents are unfamiliar with Fannie Mae's requirements for servicing. For instance, I was encouraged to apply for a second unemployment forebearance and weeks later the same rep said I couldn't be considered for one and was unable to give a reason why. This is not true according to Fannie May. Without this, I am approaching possible foreclosure. When I inquire about when and how that will begin, I'm repeatedly told "it is impossible to know" and "no one at PHH knows." Nobody knows? Then she said the foreclosure team knows but it is impossible for anyone to talk with them. It's all very distressing to have the roof over your head and the biggest investment of your life managed by people who have no idea what is going on.
by Christine A February 29, 2020 at 11:07 AM
Hello. I was wondering if anyone has thoughts on my situation. We are about halfway through a chapter 13 bankruptcy. Everything was going fairly well aside from the fact that there were a few $500 fees listed for filing papers pertaining to the bankruptcy), until the whole PHH merger thing. Now my trustee is holding all of the payments, as Ocwen/PHH has not filed the correct paperwork to receive payments. I am concerned thatthose funds will be distributed to other creditors at the end of the bankruptcy, and I will be seriously owing as far as the mortgage goes. I understand that we will be deemed "current", but won't the total still be due at the maturity of the loan? i will need those funds to make that happen! Not sure what my next move should be here.
by Tracy February 25, 2020 at 02:14 PM
I didn’t file bankruptcy but due to a change from two incomes to one, I did apply for a remodification of my mortgage. I had to start over 3 times as every time I spoke to Ocwen, they were missing a different document and when I offered to resend, I was told time had lapsed and I need to reapply. I had weekly and monthly calls with them and not once did they mention they had put my home in foreclosure. I found out it was sold when the new owner knocked on my front door! Not only was my credit ruined but I lost all my equity and had to find a new home in 30 days for my husband and I, my two sons, my elderly mother and mother in law who were both living with us at the time and not in good health. Additionally, I offered to pay what I owed multiple times and was told that Ocwen preferred to tack on my money owed to end of mortgage term. I wanted to sue just to recoup my lost equity but my attorney advised they would fight me for years and I just didn’t have the funds to support that. I’m in the state of Texas and I’ve been trying to locate a class action suit for improper foreclosures but I haven’t been successful.
by Karen Kelly June 30, 2019 at 12:04 AM
We had a hard time w/ocwen from late 2012 to about 2018 which had started when my wife fractured her knee cap and missed the entire '12-'13 school year. long story short, she did much research and found MANY documents that were robosigned and/or were not filed by ocwen in the required time. We did not let them brush us off. We stayed on them to get the owners of the note and found they do not even exist anymore. My wife had much proof of their illegal doings but all lawyers we saw told us no judge would want to open that can of worms ( we were looking to get a "Quiet Deed' where our mortgage would be dissolved due to all the inaccuracies and obvious rob-signings ).We went through 2 lawyers before finally hiring a one from a friend's recommendation. He was a God-send. At one time, he worked on the side of ocwen and knew how they operated. After nearly 5 years of being in foreclosure, we were able to get a loan mod at the same amount we were paying before all the chaos started. But we have a balloon payment of 50,000 bananas due after 30 years, which is fine. In 30 yrs. we'll be well into our 90's if we're still around. Other lawyers we interviewed were more interested in having us claim bankruptcy. We can also pay extra and pay it off quicker but with Ocwen's record of losing things, we're hesitant on doing so. Basically, all the fees and back payments were put in this balloon so we just had to start paying the mortgage on time which we've been doing. Now with their purchase of PHH corp. we're concerned that any payments sent before the merger/transaction/transfer is complete, will be "accidentally lost" and they'll start with their usual BS fees and such. I can't fathom how companies like Owen are allowed to do the things they do and have done in the past and stay in business. Are the regulators having their pockets filled while just fining Owen a few bucks just to make it look as if they're punishing them? if this were you or me, we'd be doing 10-20 in the state pen. Anyway, I've typed out ( below )most of what was on the first page of the recent letter they sent to us. I did NOT edit or change any wording/text... etc. "Effective 6/1/2019, PHH will be the new servicer for this account and will be collecting the mortgage payments going forward. Please rest assured that ocwen will be here through this transition ( yeah, that makes me feel so much secure -:). Together, ocwen and PHH stand ready to assist in any way we can ( Seriously?). For any questions regarding the transition, please call 855-245-3916. Please send all payments due ON OR AFTER 6/1/2019 TO PHH at this address: PHH MORTGAGE SERVICES, P.O. Box 371458, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7458 If currently using an Online Bill Payment provider, please contact them to update the payee, remittance address and new account number, if applicable. Failure to make these updates could delay the crediting of payments. If currently mailing in a payment, please use the coupon provided or wait until the new PHH statement is mailed. This account number will remain the same after the transfer. NOTE: These next 2 paragraphs( and i quote ) are where I read some 'confusing' jargon such as: If NO transactions can be made during the first week AFTER 6/1/19, which ( i assume ) would be from Sunday 6/2/2019 to Saturday, 6/9/2019? and any payment was received by Ocwen on or before its due date, why/how in the world could this be treated as late to begin with? One would think that any payment received ON OR BEFORE ITS DUE DATE, could not possibly be considered late. No? Knowing how Owen has operated in the past, one tends to scrutinize their every word. Maybe I'm putting too much into it. I certainly hope so. "During the first week after 6/1/2019, NO transactions can be made on the account while PHH verifies the accuracy of all account information in its system. As soon as this process is completed, the account will be activated and you will receive a welcome letter from PHH. During the 60-day period following the transfer date of 6/1/2019, any payment received by Ocwen on or before its due date, will not be treated as late by PHH and no late free will be charged." continued on other side of page.... MortgageQuestions.com is PHH's servicing website, which you will be able to access once the transfer process is complete by 6/7/2019. If you are currently a registered user on ocwencustomers.com, your current username can be entered on MortgageQuestions.com. You will need to use a temporary password which will be the last six digits of your SSN. On initial login you will be prompted to create a new password, answer a recovery question and set up security questions. By completing these actions, you agree to the terms and conditions for use of the website ( https://www.mortgagequestions.com/info/15882/landscape?jpid=GlobalTermsOfUse ) and will be registered on MortgageQuestions.com." Well that's just grand! MORE small legal-mumbo-jumbo BS text to read in order to be sure of what you're signing/agreeing to! I'm sure we'll understand all we read-:)
by john May 28, 2019 at 11:06 PM
I filed bankruptcy in 2015 and was discharged 2016 surrendering the property to ocwen and ocwen is dragging there feet foreclosing on the property, so my name is still on the deed and the city of Tacoma,Wa and still trying to charge me for the up keep.
by Floyd warren April 25, 2019 at 05:11 PM
I really need help. I had my home up for sale and I missed a couple of payments due to the Government shutdown. My home has been up for sale and I finally have a buyer. I asked Ocwen for the payoff quote two times. One on the 6th of this Month and also another one on the 7th they said it was technical difficulty. Im supposed to close on my home tomorrow but cant because they wont sent over the quote. Im so lost. Im being told its in foreclosure but I really thing it was held back on the 6 and 7th so that it can begin the foreclosure process. I requested another payout yesterday because the buyers attorney said they never got the payout. So when I called Ocwen they said I will receive it today for me to close on my home tomorrow and Im still waiting because they said it had to go to their attorney or whoever so they can add foreclosure fees in the total due but the thing is I never received a letter stating I was in foreclosure. Im so lost I don't know what to do. I really feel like ending it all because If I lose my home and I know I had a sale literally waiting I honestly don't know how Im going to be able to handle that, especially with my family right beside. me.
by Chris James February 14, 2019 at 10:45 AM
i have ocwen an just found out that i owe 80.000 more then what i paid for it. i have never took money out no loans of any kind. not sure how this happened. im at a lose . what can i do . im late on my payments even with a remod. i got the house in around 2006 for 107,000. i find myself at a lose . i have no money to move. what can i do. i seen other people saying they got money from the bank to leave there homes. HOW!! an can i. i see i will never own this house. thanks to ocwen. can anyone help.
by chris June 23, 2018 at 05:35 AM
Hi Ericka , There are plenty of Ocwen war stories out there , Suggest you file complaint with cfpb https://www.consumerfinance.gov/ As far as Ocwen record keeping where payments go I’ve seen many complaints reported to cfpb get resolved most of the time. The only thing I haven’t seen is what happed to Harp forbearance or forgiveness payments went to when Ocwen states you missed a payment from un readable records they kept back in early 2010-2014. Would not be surprised that Ocwen and note holder kept that forbearance funding as no one from cfpb or from Harp/Hope or Ocwen or hud could tell me where my lost principle forgiveness payments went to that could have saved me from foreclosure and kept my home. Don’t trust the Ocwens India call center to give you answers record all calls . don’t make the same mistake I did because had I recorded the calls I would have had not lost principle forgiveness, and got paid a larger amount to do a deed in lieu. There is very little help out there for Ocwen Renters without paying for a lawyer , remember record all calls and contact the cfpb.
by Dave May 29, 2018 at 03:00 PM
I have been in my home for 16 years and Ocwen has given me the blues. Because they messed up a payment I sent back in 2011 via cashier check. They sent it back to me stating they were uncertified funds. I'm assuming they thought it was a regular chech, but a cashier check is like a money order. Funds are certified. I didn't even realize the mailed my mortgage back to me, then threathen to foreclose my home for non-payment. I fought them sending receipts and everything to coporate and they forgave my smaller loan. Now speeding fast forward 2016. I filled out for an unemployment forbearance when I waa laid off from my teaching job. They got back to me two months later stating they are no longer honoring that program. However, I filled out application before program was discontinued. They kept making me resubmit same documents over a two month period. This caused me to fight this for almost a year because I was doing everything on my end. Finally I have the modification and I sent 2, 000 to cover three months. I received a letter in mail in April stating my modification was approved and it starts on 5/1/2018. I paid it up through July and I only have to 1/3 of the mortgage. Now I get a letter stating I owe them the entire amount. What? What happened to the other funds I sent. Where did they place those funds.
by Ericka May 28, 2018 at 01:56 PM
Finally after owning my home for 12 years , I gave into Ocwen and forced to take a deed in Lieu option . there was no light at the end the tunnel for me and my family on a never ending mortgage given a balloon payment was dune in 2035 of 140K and the home was 130K underwater given it had no equity for over 90K in repairs. They gave us false hope in ever having any equity for making repairs or ability to even sell the home for the next 15-20 years even with trying for a number mortgage modifications that would never help us in anyway. We even payed off the 2 equity loans we had on the home of 80K still with that we still had no equity and under water hundreds of thousands dollars on loan to actual market value ., even purchased a new central Heat/AC system for the home back in 2015 because old system broke down thinking we would stay there for years but as we tried to keep the home but Ocwen did nothing to help us even after pleading with them for help, so even after our deed in Lieu were still paying monthly on a new central Heat/AC system we had installed in 2015 on the home we no longer own. OCWEN Stating ” Helping Homeowners Is What We Do!” more like “Helping Homeowners Out Of Their Equity What We Do!” and “Helping Homeowners Become Homeless Is What We Do!” Just another note they have wonderful offshore team that change their names to popular American names like Tony , Sam , and Richard and they get away with this .. , And if you got a 1099-A or C you find your house was apprised for 100K more than any legal appraiser can due by law so they can report a huge deficiency to the IRS so tax payers get stuck with the bill.
by Dave April 8, 2018 at 06:09 PM
I’m dealing with Ocwen regarding the payoff of my loan. Ocwen WILL NOT send me a payoff affidavit in order to expedite the payoff and release my flood money so that we can move forward to restore our home. I’ve tried everything and have talked with over 20 or more people at Ocwen and hours on hold and transferred from India to Florida and back, even had an Ombudsman contact me regarding my issues, but to no avail, the never call back or follow through with their promises. I did receive an empty Fed Ex envelope about a week ago. That was just a teaser from Ocwen. We dislike this company very much!
by Kelli Pelton October 11, 2017 at 10:00 PM
Last August we started a loan modification with Ocwen. We were told NOT to make payments while in process. We sent paperwork over time and time again. They kept saying it was in processing and in the process kept calling to receive payments. We made a payment and then were denied the modification saying that we were current to the account but were told we could do a deed in lieu of foreclosure. We started that process in January. In July we signed the deed and are STILL waiting for our finalization and so called cash for keys. I was told that there was an issue with having it recorded and it could take 10-12 more days. We left the house in May as per our agreement. I just think they like to drag everything out as long as they can. I just would like to be done with them they really are a terrible terrible company to deal with. You have appointments with your relationship manager which it's never your relationship manager as yours is busy. Why have appointments then? If one person dealt with your loan things would go much easier. The people I end up talking to sound like they are reading a script. I have now started recording my own calls and I tell them your call is being recorded on my end too! How much longer can this possibly take?
by Erin September 27, 2017 at 01:25 PM
Kim I have had the same thing happen with them misrepresenting my income also, and mine has been rolling around for over 9 years I haven't pace payment since 2008 and nothing seems to have gone right hope my modification are affordable this time around....
by Kimberly April 12, 2016 at 02:45 PM
I have been fighting since 2008 last payment date I started with Litton them Ocwen and no resolution yet...I just got a modification but not in my favor not sure what to do....
by Kimberly March 17, 2016 at 02:04 AM
I have dealth with them on the force placed insurance for many years, also just now whats coming to light on the misdated letters getting on or after dates. My foreclosure has been going in a rolling form for more that 9 years from lender to lender and over 4 years just with ocwen alone, I have so many fees and late fees it does not make any since. I hope someone looks into this fiasco, I even had one instance where they mis represented my income and made it look like I made a lot more than I did...
by kim January 26, 2016 at 11:30 AM
hi i work for ocwen and i see the horrors that home owners go through. I want to help i have in my power docs. that show houses going to fc with out a valid reason. Modifications been denied supposedly docs never received but they are on file.
by omar lira July 14, 2013 at 12:25 PM
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