My law office has been very successful handling Chapter 13 cases, that is, so long as our clients do their part by making the required trustee payments, the majority of our clients have their plans confirmed by the Bankruptcy Court.

And unless there is some kind of a job loss, loss of overtime, medical issue, or other untoward event, most complete their Chapter 13 plans. In fact, in the most recent year (2005) that the 5 year Chapter 13 plans have now been completed, we have an 66% success rate! 66% of the Chapter 13 cases that we filed, were successfully completed and received a discharge, or converted to Chapter 7.

Only 34% of the Chapter 13 cases that we filed in 2005 were dismissed over the entire 5 year term of their Chapter 13 cases, usually for non-payment, because of loss of a job, loss of overtime, illness or disability, marital issues, etc.

Nationally, the completion rate for Chapter 13's is difficult to find, but it is estimated to be no more than 25-33%. So our firm basically "turns the tables" on the national average, and two-thirds of the chapter 13 cases that we file are successful, whereas nationally only one-third are successful. That is an outstanding success rate for Chapter 13's, even if I am "blowing my own horn." My excellent staff is a big reason for such a great success rate.

Anyway, to celebrate that, and to help our potential new clients get their Chapter 13 cases started, we have started offering a new, lower down payment or retainer. You can start your Chapter 13 case with our office for as little as $346 for a single filer, or $376 for a couple, so long as you qualify for Chapter 13, you are employed and can have a wage order. Businesses, and people that have filed before are extra.

This is only available to residents of the Houston Texas metro area and surrounding counties (the Southern District of Texas, Houston and Galveston Divisions). I can't tell you how pleased I am about our plan completion rate.  We work hard to keep our clients in their cases, by responding to their questions via phone and internet, responding to Trustee Motions to Dismiss when they are filed, and filing Motions to Modify Plan when something in the client's life changes. You really have to do these kinds of things, to keep your clients in their cases and help them succeed.

J Thomas Black
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Board Certified, Consumer Bankruptcy Law- Texas Board of Legal Specialization
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