A bankruptcy judge recently "volunteered" me to help a very nice Hispanic couple, that had been totally hoodwinked by a company that they found on the internet. The company had promised them that for $4600, they could stop a pending foreclosure, and get them a loan modification from the mortgage company, to reduce their payments.

Boy were they sorry they paid the money and hired them! The company proceeded to prepare Chapter 13 bankruptcy paperwork for the husband to sign, and they subsequently filed 3 Chapter 13 cases in a row, because the paperwork was not correct, and the cases kept getting dismissed.

These folks were in very real danger of losing their home, and the darndest thing about it was, the Hispanic couple have about $90,000 in equity in the house; most of these kind of cases, the house is not worth what is owed. Moral to the story: if you want real help with stopping a foreclosure, or if you need help seeking a loan modification of your mortgage, hire an experienced and knowledgeable attorney in your city and state.

Attorneys understand the legal issues involved, can actually represent you in court, and are generally responsible for taking care of your legal matter. An attorney can't just take your money and not do anything, at least without putting their law license and their reputation at risk. And most attorneys are honest, ethical, and hardworking for their clients.

When you hire some company off of the internet to stop a foreclosure or help you with a loan modification, you are putting yourself at risk. And it seems like most of the scam companies operate out of Florida or California. And you know, after I got back from court helping this Hispanic couple get their case straightened out, there was another couple that came in for a consultation and they had paid a "loan modification" company several thousand dollars and had also been scammed! It is very common. Please save your money, you can hire real help for the same money or even less.

J Thomas Black
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Board Certified, Consumer Bankruptcy Law- Texas Board of Legal Specialization
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