How Much Does It Cost To File Bankruptcy in Houston?

While different firms charge differently for their services, Mr. Black charges attorney fees for the simplest Chapter 7 cases starting at $1000, plus costs including the filing fee which total $490 for a single person, $532 for a couple.

A typical Chapter 7 case may be $1500 or more plus costs, depending upon the number of creditors, the amount of debt, whether or not there is a business involved, what motions or extra actions are going to be necessary during the case, and other factors.

You can pay our fees for Chapter 7 out over time, and just pay a small down payment for us to open a file for you. Once the entire fee is paid, we prepare the documents necessary to start your case, and you come into the office for a "signing" appointment, that generally takes about two hours.

For Chapter 13 cases, Mr. Black usually charges the "fixed fees" which are allowed by our local Bankruptcy Court. For a non-business case, our fees for Chapter 13 are $3500, plus costs. So long as you are a first time filer, not a business, and you have a regular job such that your plan payments can be made through a payroll deduction order, we currently charge only the costs to start a case, which are $390 for a single person, $432 for a couple. Our attorney fees in Chapter 13 are paid out of the monthly plan payments that you deposit with your Chapter 13 Trustee, so you don't pay us any fees directly, only through the Trustee.

Warning about shopping for attorneys only on price. Filing a bankruptcy is a serious, federal legal proceeding. We do not recommend that you go to court with the lowest bidder. Attorneys are not all the same. Our fees are reasonable. Our firm enjoys an excellent reputation, and we do a good job for our clients. We also perform a "credit clean-up" for you following the bankruptcy at no additional charge, that can help your credit reports recover more quickly. Call the office for a free first consultation at 713-772-8037, and once we know more about your case, we will give you a written fee agreement with a firm fee quote.